Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Difference between Spiral and Prototyping Model

Difference between Spiral and Prototyping Model

Follows the SDLC steps for each prototype
Documentation emphasis on system evolution

Developer directly analyses client feedback and modifies code
Documentation emphasis on final product
Free flowing

Why are there so many spirals in the spiral model?
Different project got different spirals as the process/steps are different.

Is the spiral model useful for Mr. Chong & Sonium?
Yes, using spirals model there is communication between developer and customer as Sonium need to remember customer’s needs and obtain customer feedback based on the evaluation of the software representation created during the engineering stage and implemented during the install stage

Risk in Spiral mode:

  • No cost effective quality improvement possible
  • Quality improvements may increase costs excessively
  • New methods might cause existing staff to leave


Nalaka said...

But does Spiral model include the prototyping model?

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